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Acoustic Instrument Pickups

Piezo Solutions: Designs, Analyzes, Reverse Engineers and Produces Acoustic Instrument Pickups and components.ing Aerospace Technology and Medical Quality to the Acoustic Instrument Pickup market. 

With more than thirty years of  Aerospace, Medical Imaging, Piezoelectric, Acoustic and Ultrasonic Engineering experience, Piezo Solutions is excited to bring the highest quality, most current developments in Piezoelectric Technology to the Music Industry.

From early developments utilizing monolithic single elements to current multilayer, composite transducers, Piezo Solutions  is developing the smallest most acoustically efficient products in the industry.

Our materials are of the highest quality and consistency allowing us to manufacture an entire range from the largest high power components to the smallest Nano and Pico technology devices.  The following photo is in 100ths of an inch.  Scroll down to see what these components look like on a U.S. Penny.  Note the piezo disc in the middle of the 2000 date.  Pictures of standard Acoustic discs are towards the bottom of this page.

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