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Piezo Solutions

10072 Crows Nest Cove

Aurora, Ohio 44202

 (330) 357-4417


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Piezo Solutions supplies highly engineered, technically superior, piezoelectric ceramic, acoustic, ultrasound / ultrasonic, sensors, transducers, acoustic instruments pickups and actuators.

Please call us at:  (330) 357-4417 or email requests to: JohnHudak@piezosolutions.net   Please include information about applications and anticipated quantities

Following is a partial listing of the types of products supplied by Piezo Solutions:

Piezoelectric Ceramic Elements Medical Ultrasound Probe Components
Piezoelectric Actuators Surgical Ultrasonic Handpiece Components
Piezoelectric Blocks Ultrasonic Ophthalmology Surgical Devices
Piezoelectric Rings Ultrasonic Scalpel Components
Piezoelectric Discs Ultrasonic Dental Descaling Units
Piezoelectric Tubes Ultrasonic Descalers
Piezoelectric Plates Ultrasonic Scalers
Piezoelectric Buzzers Ultrasonic Scaling Units
Piezoelectric Ceramic Push Buttons Ultrasonic Dental Drill Components
Piezoelectric Keypads Ultrasonic Dental Cleaning Units
Piezoelectric Keyboards Therapeutic Ultrasound Units
Piezoelectric Switches Ultrasonic Cleaning Ceramic Elements
Piezoelectric Pointing Devices Ultrasonic Welding Ceramic Elements
Piezoelectric Guitar Pickups Ultrasonic Humidifier Elements
Piezoelectric Instrument Pickups Ultrasonic Nebulizers
Bimorphs Ultrasonic Atomizers
Unimorphs Ultrasonic Atomization Units
Stacks Ultrasonic Sensors
Micropositioners Ultrasonic Transducers
Piezoelectric Multilayer Transformers Ultrasonic Level Detection
High Density PZT Ultrasonic Flow Sensors
Medical Imaging Grade PZT Veterinary Ultrasound Units
PZT Powders Pet Ultrasonic Units
Medical Ultrasound Ceramic Elements Sonar Transducers
Micro Piezo Discs Nano Dispensers
Piezoelectric Sheets Acoustic Transducers
Industrial Ink Jet Nozzle Ceramic Elements Ultrasonic Transmitters
Alumina Wearplates Backing Masses
Specially Formulated Epoxies Specially Formulated Adhesives